Tkbvseverybody Wristband (Yeezy Gradeschool #2)

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Black & White #TKBVSEVERYBODY Wristband 

(Exclusive Online Drop Released 4/18)

Purchasing the wristband will also include you in our free drawing limited to 40 slots

The wristband # will be the starting (entry) position for the free giveaway included in your purchase of the wristband 

Free shipping on all wristband purchases

Shipping goes out within 3-5 business days

We hope you enjoy the new tkbvseverybody wristband and good luck. #thekikback


**Giveaway Details**

1 Random selected winner will be able to choose from the following option

Giveaway will be ran once Sold Out 

"If product doesn't sell out everyone will receive a full refund"

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